Saturday, August 16, 2014

Naked Ladies at the cottage!

Bet that got your attention.  Before anyone gets too excited...I'm talking about flowers.  They are also known as Surprise Lilies or Resurrection Lilies and they are flowering now.  Their various names refer to the fact that the foliage dies back to the ground, then the bulb sends up a single stem that flowers.  They are pretty neat.  I got a few two years ago from the lovely lady that sent us home with a truckload full of hostas, day lilies and other plants.  Here's what they look like:

See, no leaves (please ignore the creeping charlie):

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Old houses and the search for a New Old House (part 1)

We are looking for another rental property. Pretty much any property within our budget range is going to be older and in need of some TLC, which is ok. What I didn’t expect was to find out that out there in the surrounding communities, there might be some drool worthy ones. If you’re not into old houses, you might want to skip this because I’m going to just go on and on about old houses. I have always been enamored with old homes. I mean OLD homes, not 1950’s homes (although I do like some of those too, obviously), like 1700’s and 1800’s homes. In particular, I’ve been a fan of Italianate and Greek Revival as well as Queen Anne for many, many years. And cobblestones, which aren’t an architectural style as much as a building material, however most have a Greek Revival-esqueness. I have to guess that only families with a number of children built cobblestones, just because the sheer number of little stones it takes to build one (I imagine they sent the kids out to the fields to pick stones).

 We did, in the past, before we found the Cottage, look at a Greek Revival. They are kind of plain when compared to Queen Anne or Italianate, but there’s something about the wide frieze boards and decorate covers on the small eve windows. Anyway, it was brick (I also really like old brick). And someone hadn’t cared for it well. One corner was coming apart, the mortar was missing and bricks were falling out. I love (old) brick houses but that is well above our skill level. I’d try repointing, but this was complete rebuild situation. So, no Greek Revival. Which in the end is ok since we love the Cottage (and the Greek Revival was NOT on the water).

We also looked at a cobblestone. OH MY GOSH what a neat building material. The inside wasn’t as neat as I expected and it wasn’t mortgagable. At this time, we think the family has abandoned the particular one we looked at. At the very least, no one lives there. Too bad. The taxes were really quite high on it too. Here's the Cobblestone:


More about cobblestones can be found here:

It is truly a beautiful building material and I have to say, one of my all time favorites.

Fast forward. We recently came across two properties that fit the Old House criteria, although one was not on my list of fav styles.

Property number one was a shingle Craftsman Bungalow. In just about original, if not well maintained, condition. Original wooden windows and storms, but missing all except two of the screens. Build ins and pantry in the kitchen. Original light fixtures and wallpaper. It wasn’t the most ideal area (train tracks), but the deal killer was the foundation. Cement piers, that had been undermined by water from a neighboring home (no gutters). Even if we fixed the foundation, the cause would remain. Nope. No go.

Property number two…oh my…a brick Italianate fourplex. It has a CUPOLA. And all that Italianate goodness in the form of pediments and brackets and…it’s under contract as a short sale. This is the Italianate. Drool.

Oh yeah, look at place. Oh well.