Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cottage Christmas Eve

A new tradition we started when we moved here was to walk on our beach on Christmas.  We're forecast to have some high winds beginning tonight so we went for our walk this morning!  Along the way we picked beach glass (and beach pottery) to add to our collection, including one really nice green piece:

What a difference from last year-it's in the 40s and going into the 50s.  I don't know how people live where it doesn't snow.  Heat Miser can go home now.  I was hoping for a white Christmas.  At least I got white beach glass!

Just a short post for now, we've got to get the ribs in the oven then into the slow cooker so they're ready for dinner tonight.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Ornaments

Again, long time no post!  Still cooking up ideas for the not the New Old House, but the holidays have pushed that aside for now.  After all, we didn’t buy it so I have time.
What we did do, was buy a small vinyl cutter.  Several years ago, we had a large professional one, along with a heat press that we used to make and sell t-shirts and the like.  We’ve sold that since there just isn’t room at the Cottage for a 4’ long cutter.  We picked up a little “hobby” cutter that allows us to cut our own designs.  So of course we had to use it right away!
We made homemade raisin bread for friends that we dropped off on Saturday, but I wanted something different for my co-workers.  So many of them are crafty and I have a small collection of adorable decorations from over the years.  I wanted to return the favor with something we made.  So…we made some neat wood slice ornaments.
The wood slices were easy.  We walked out to the wood racks and selected what we refer to as a “little log” that had been seasoning for several years (little logs are 3-5” rounds, the limbs from trees that are a bit too small to split but too big to leave behind as junk).  Mr Eclectic promptly cut it down with a chop saw into slices about ½-3/4” thick and drilled holes for stringing them.  I found some snowflakes in our clipart collection (commercial use) and he cut them out on white vinyl. 
He weeded the “junk” vinyl (the part that’s left after the design is cut out) and I placed them on the slices (using tweezers to peel them off of the backer).  Then he cut out “Let It Snow” and weeded that while I strung them with twine.  I placed the letters on the backs of about 3-4 slices before letting him finish, I loved the snowflakes but the letters frustrated me.
Here’s the result:

Cute huh?  Now…what to do next year…hmm…