Friday, June 1, 2012

Living Room Floor cost breakdown

I can't really give a dollar amount for the wood.  It was free, but it was two trips to pick it up.  I'm going to take a guess on that one.  I'm also rounding because I don't have all the reciepts but know about how much everything was.

Wood: Free.  Gas money to pick up: $30
Vinegar (we had a partial gallon and had to buy another, so I'm going with two gallons) $6.00
Chip brushes for the vinegar mix: $3.50
Linseed Oil (we had a partial gallon and had to buy another) $50
Turpentine: (we are going to use about four of the smaller quarts, we couldn't find bigger containers) $30
Polyurathane: $35
Brush for the poly: $6
We already had a brush around that we used for the linseed/turp mix.
Nails (I'm not completely sure until we're done, but I'm thinking 6 boxes will be used): $40

Total $170.50

Again, that's an estimate, but it's pretty close.  Our living room measures about 14x20, and the hearth pad about 8'x4', so that part didn't need flooring.

Not bad for a "new" hardwood floor!

Now we just need to find more to finish the rest of the Cottage!

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