Monday, November 19, 2012

Backsplash is done

The kitchen is coming along!  We have some trim work yet to finish, put some "bricks" behind the fridge where they left drywall for some reason and we need to finish the floor.

Here's the before and after to compare:

We are also making progress in the hall.  These are our new old doors.  You can see the beadboard too.  The doors came from an old farm as part of an estate-they were in the barn for a LONG time, we got them before a local guy that makes benches, corner cabinets, etc did.  We will have to add a little wood to the top and bottom of one to make it fit because we can't shrink the frame down.  That's the one that's not hung yet.  Love the REAL crackle, although it will need repainted to hide the new wood.

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