Thursday, December 27, 2012

One of my Christmas gifts this year!

This year we decided to give each other mostly useful gifts.  YAY!  When you have a small house, clutter is NOT your friend.  There's some really great new stuff here I'll have to post about, like an antique cast iton waffle maker.

THIS, though, is one of my favs.  I specifically asked for one, which is probably good because mr eclectic has never heard of them until now.

I got a defroster for the Norge!!  It's not automatic of course, lol.  It's a nice vintage electric one.  Happily, I haven't used it yet because I had just defrosted it about a month ago and it doesn't need it yet.  I'll post about using it whenever I get to that point.  No worries, I am SURE it will need defrosting eventually.

Here is is, it came with the original display box!

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