Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas is coming to the Cottage!

We spent a little time dragging out some of the decorations this week.  The big tree isn't up in the living room yet, but we decorated the dining room and the LAUNDRY ROOM! Yup, the laundry room is (sort of) done.  We still need to do trim work, but the floor (BRICK!!), drywall, wallpaper and beadboard are all up.  Our old tree from our Old House found a home in a corner in there for the holidays, next to a vintage Poloron cooler that doubles as storage.

Here is the dining room decorated for Christmas, 2013:

And the laundry room!

We weren't sure how the brick would perform as a floor in a laundry/mud room.  The dog comes in and out through the room, and we use it as a main door as well.  We found it works perfect!  It looks fantastic and if it gets muddy, you just let it dry then sweep it up or vacuum it.

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