Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Salvage addiction, refinished furniture follow up

I have a problem.  I am a junk addict.  Mostly salvage, especially old doors.  I CANNOT drive by an old door being thrown away, it will come home with me.  Unfortunately, we don't really have a need for 30 old doors.  :(  We recently sold most of my stash to people that needed to replace junky cheapo doors with ones more period correct to their homes.  I miss them and have found myself pinning salvage more and more, lol.  I just felt the need to fess up since I am watching the Rehab Addict marathon.  I think Nicole Curtis is my long lost sister, at least when it comes to salvage!

Now, about some of the refinished furniture I've posted about before.  The most recent piece, the side table was sold as I anticipated.  We just had no place for it.

However, the little yellow turned blue table and chairs are still here.

Here's the table in it's permanent home

The train case is used for storage.  The typewriter is an old Alpina, and it does work!

The chairs are in the dining room Christmas photo, but here are a few close ups


  1. I love the first blue chair. It even looks comfortable, which most older kitchen chairs aren't. I can't resist junk either, especially if it has any carving or detail on it. I always think I can do something with it later, and then later never comes.

  2. All of the chairs are somewhat comfy actually, and it surprised me too, I'm not a fan of sitting on wood chairs usually. I somehow managed to bring home another door again, lol.

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