Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I did it again.  I can’t help it.  It’s a compulsion.  There are more old doors here.  Only a few, and I did leave two behind (one old screen/storm that was missing the screen and storm-so it was basically a frame, and one storm without interchangeable glass and screens so it wasn’t very nice), so it’s a start.  AND, we actually had a reason this time (aside from my salvage addiction).  Our tenants in the Old House would like a screen door on the front (can’t blame them).  We would like a storm door on the front (to help protect the door threshold from snow buildup in winter).  We also didn’t particularly want a new one that wouldn’t match the place at all (it was built in the 20’s), and since it’s older, it’s taller than the new ones so we would have had to put in a filler piece (incidentally, the house had this same set up when we bought it and we took it out because we didn’t like the look).  So when I spotted a small stack of doors curbside we had to turn around and take a look (and I wasn't even late to work-this took place just this morning).  We grabbed a few of the great old wooden ones that have interchangeable screens and glass, and one interior wood  door with the handle.  We didn’t need the interior door, but it needed to be rescued-it’s a nice solid wooden door that looks to be from the 20’s or thereabouts.  Since we didn’t have a measuring tape with us we just grabbed all of the screen/storm doors in hopes one would fit the Old House.  Looks like one might!  There are some broken glass panes, but the local hardware place cuts glass so that’s no big deal.  I grabbed some screens but I think they are old window screens and not for the doors, there was a pile of old storms and screens off to the side (which I also left, thank you very much).  We should be able to recreate the wooden inserts though, we have the same doors on the Cottage to help guide us.

I don't believe I posted this photo before.  This was last summer.  No matter how many crazy problems we've had, there's something to be said for having this as your backyard.  We are truly lucky to call this little place home.

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  1. Ah ha, we have the same addiction. If we see something curbside and we can use it we load it and bring it home. I have a stack of doors that my DH and I picked up years ago and I've got to go through them as I'm clearing out stuff that I won't be using. I hope your doors work for what you picked them up for.

    I love that last photo. God's beautiful handiwork.

    Enjoy the rest of your week ~ FlowerLady