Monday, February 23, 2015

Heating with wood...oops.

So, one of the biggest adjustments to heating with wood is a lack of a thermostat.  While for the most part it means you need to do some work to have heat (the stove doesn't have a gas or oil line feeding it like a furnace, YOU have to feed it), it also means that you have to control the temperature by controlling the amount of wood and air.  It's been pretty cold here lately.  Single digits, negative digits.  Like -10.  Air temp.  We got pretty used to that.  However, recently we had a little break (it's over.  It's -3 right now) and hit 20's.  Great, right?  Except we got a little too used to 2 instead of 22.  And it was 83 in here.  Oops. 

Well, it's better than being cold, right?

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