Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Side Note

Before I get to 2011, I just want to say that eventually (and sooner rather than later) I will get on to the business of talking about the Electic Cottage, and show you the neat things we've done and bought and found.  I like pictures too.  Actually, whenever I get a new idea for something to try, I look online to see if I can find pictures of other people's attempts (for the better or worse).  Like whitewashing pine walls, and using beadboard on ceilings.  And of course, whenever we are going to buy something NEW (which isn't all that common, but some things I just want new, like electrical componants and our wood stove because we didn't want to install it, lol) it's nice to see them in use rather than the manufacturer's stock images.  Even if we vary the idea (like our pickling whitewash that isn't really either and completely disregards the directions from Minwax on how to apply it) it's fun to see what others did.  Then there's the great upcycling ideas like our wood crate wood box and totally trash picked display thing (I really don't know the proper name for it) in the dining room. 

Anyway, if anyone out there in internet land is even reading this yet, I just want to let you know it won't always be words and stories (but there will be those too, like about the pine cone).  So hang in there, especially if you like eclectic cottages, cottage style, or even nautical or shabby chic.  Because we've got a bit of all that, as well as junkmarket (aka fleamarket) and antique shop style mixed with some architectural salvage and craigslist finds.

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