Friday, October 14, 2011

Wha was that about reasons?


This vacant house was really just a cottage.  And it was just a few more doors down.  He told us it should be on the market soon, the owner was ready to sell.  See, he bought it for his brother when his brother got divorced so he would have a place to stay.  Then the brother moved away and the owner contracted the agent we were speaking to as a rental manager for the place.  And the tenants moved out in the winter without notice, let the propane run out...and inevitably, the pipes burst.  The agent assured us all that damage was fixed, and the out of town owner was fed up with it.  But, he didn't have the keys.  He figured the asking price would be lower than the one we were looking at too.

We decided to try to make a go at the place the agent showed us instead of the one he told us about, but we got a different agent this time.  Why?  Well, while the first agent was showing us the place, he kept trying to talk us out of it because we wanted to fix it instead of knocking it down and it was one of few buildable lots (due to minimum lot widths).  See, he had some buyers that were looking for a buildable lot and the other place would be better for us anyway.  That might not have turned us off, but seeing him SHOWING the place to those buyers later that day did.

So, the second agent showed us the two bedroom fixer again.  And we found out he knew the family that owned that pre-foreclosure we had been saving for.  And we started thinking everything happens for a reason...if the lake cottage didn't work, maybe he could help with the pre-foreclosure...

And that agent screwed us too-he never even put in our offer, and less than a week later, THAT property sold.

We gave up for the year.  Maybe 2010 would be better.  

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