Wednesday, March 13, 2013

More destruction!

More drywall has bit the dust...and made enough of it's own!

We are gutting all of the drywall out of the first floor.  The house had blown in *cringe* when we bought it.  Well, blown in can't get into cavities when someone puts a random block in between the studs.  Also, it stinks.  Literally.  And we never could quite get rid of the smell when we lived there.  It's just incredibly messy to get rid of, and not really something you can do when living in a place.  You'll see as I post pics!

I promise it didn't look like this when we lived here.

You'll see a shadow on the bottom of the drywall where the old baseboard was.  This was actually covered when we bought it, there was an additional layer of drywall on top of it and the baseboards were long gone.

This is the wallpaper that was there in the hall when we bought the house.  I had hoped never to see it again! But a little survived-until now!  Imagine a whole wall of it...

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