Sunday, June 9, 2013

The "new cottage" and some garden photos

Well, we ended up renting the "new cottage" (our old house) before we even finished it!  Friends of ours lost their lease and wanted it.  With their help we got it done JUST in time-but they moved in so I don't have final photos of it.  Maybe one day we'll buy another place and I can post pics of that one, lol.

So, back to the Cottage!

Some garden photos from this year:

White Feather Hosta (already greening up, we got this at a plant swap so we'll have to wait until next spring to see it in the white stage), a Begonia and an old lantern:

One little white leaf:

A little "pond" in the hosta bed, made from an upside down garbage can lid and stones:

A Cameo hosta, a mini:

And this isn't in the garden-FINALLY getting the shutters painted for the bedroom closet doors!!




Comparison between one I haven't painted yet and the one I have:

I used a dry brush technique just like the chairs I had posted about before.  It's taking a while, but I LOVE the end result.  We are going to need to put something else on them, they are SO dry.  I'm pondering tung oil, but I am worried it won't absorb enough and might get into the clothes.  I know it's used on milk paint as a sealer for furniture but if I put it on and it doesn't absorb I'm not sure how I'd get it back off!  I have time though, it's supposed to rain again for the next few days so it's going to be at least a week before these are finished.

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