Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Norge vs Kenmore so far

We didn't think to check out per day electric usage with the Kenmore, so I will have to report back after a month so we can compare bills.  It won't be exact because we haven't used the blower on our wood stove recently, but it will give a reasonble idea anyway.

What I can report however, is the Norge is SO much quieter when running!  Unless it is completely silent in the Cottage, I have to stand right next to it and focus to see if the compressor is on or not.  Even when there is no noise, you need to be in the kitchen to hear it.  Not so with the Kenmore.  Our fridge we had at our other house was equally noisy, so I can't say it's a Kenmore issue, more of a new vs old issue.  I think the newer models are just louder when operating.  The only "exception" is we haven't perfected the placement of the drip pan and it rattles occasionally on the Norge.  Obviously we don't plan on moving it around (except when we replace the floor) so once we have that down, it won't be an issue.

Speaking of the floor, we think we have found flooring for the kitchen now.  If you look at the photos in my previous post, you'll see a faux brick linoleum in the last one (of the Norge and Bengal).  It was our inspiration-when we bought the Cottage, there was another layer of peel and stick faux wood over top of it-except for under the stove, where you could jsut see a bit of the faux brick.  The faux brick lino is in rough shape, so we decided why not replace it with the real thing?  We have to get more "fill in" bricks, but we came across a selection of old cobblestones (they look like bricks) and will be installing them in a running subway tile pattern.  It should help keep things cooler in the summer too, since they should transfer the coolness of the concrete slab below.  We just need to locate some more old clay bricks now!

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