Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Flooring frustrations

So, you've seen the livingroom remodel, and it's pretty obvious we are going to need a a new floor in there.  After all, it wasn't like we could save what was there, lol.  Well, aside from the bathroom, the rest of the Cottage could really use a new floor also.  There's lumpy/dippy spots where it's carpeted and we are pretty sure that's from water damage and possible rot from it (from back when the pipes burst before we bought it).  Then there's the flexible parts in the kitchen, and we think that might have been from an older fridge (remember those early self defrosters that tended to leak water out of the trays?  We're thinking that was the culprit there).  So basically, everywhere but one tiny room needs a new floor. 

Here's the thing.  We don't want to spend thousands of dollars on hardwood, carpet gets to dirty and linoleum...well, enough said. 

I've been hunting and hunting salvaged floors, but it seems that's the in thing, especially nice worn ones like you'd find in a barn that was being dismantled.  So those are in high demand and are commanding more cashola than we want to spend.

But I think I might have hit on the solution.  It's going to take time, effort and scavanging skills.  And I'm not entirely sure it will work.  But it will be cheap!  Er...inexpensive.  Uh, eclectic even.  I think we are going to try to find old bricks to put under the stove, and so the rest in...wait for it...

pallet planks.  Yup.  Pallet wood.  We're going to need to scavange a LOT of them, as well as painstakingly remove the planks from the framing.  And figure out how to adhere them to the subfloor as well as nail them down most likely.  And probably sand them to prevent splinters.  I had already wanted to finish our floors with tung or linseed oil, so that part is covered.  Hopefully the adhering and or nailing won't be too cost prohibitive.

I found these pics when searching the idea online, so I guess it isn't entirely original...

We will have to be careful to be sure it doesn't end up "lumpy" like this though, I see a lot of stubbed toes and tripping here:

I don't like the pattern, but I am in LOVE with the worn, homey feeling of this floor.  Reminds me of a barnwood floor:

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