Friday, April 20, 2012

Random stuff...

Ok, here's a mix of a few things we've got going on.

First, we have the stove in place.  It is not hooked up yet, but it's there.  We need to change the orifices and clean more inside of it.  Here it is:

And now back to the living room.  This is the ugly window install I mentioned.

Check out the drop on this side, this is closed and latched shut:

These are the studs above it, note the lovely angles they are cut at.  Lots of support here:

This lovely stud is BELOW the window.  Nice huh?

That wall is on the project list for this coming summer.

And this has been keeping busy this past week, we got these lovely plants (hosta, lily and peony) from a gardener splitting some overcrowded beds:

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