Sunday, September 16, 2012

Break from the bedroom

So we're still working on the bedroom, but I took a little break to get a few little odds and ends painted while we were still being blessed with nice weather.

First up, one of the 3/$1 chairs.  This is going in the dining room.  All four chairs are mismatched and painted differently.  Currently some of the bedroom "parts" are also hanging out in the dining room (remember we're less than 700 sq ft here!) so no pics of that room.

Here's the chair before

I used what I can best call a "dry brush" painting method on it.  I meant to have a darker green, the color on the lid DOES NOT match well to what's in the can, in my opinion.  Oh well.  Here are some during photos

And after

And a few videos to show how I did this.  It's funny, I didn't speed them up but it seems like it.  The second one shows how little paint I actually put on the brush!

I didn't stop with the chair, which may or may not be the last of the four we need.  The jury's still out on one of them, as it's shorter than the other three.  We'll see.  Anyway, there has been a succession of various things next to the front door to use as a spot to place things, like a bag or purse, when walking in the door.  Originally we had nothing.  Then we had a treadle base, which was too big.  Then there was a crate, which seemed out of place in the dining room.  Now we have a small vintage table, which made it's way over from our old house.  IF my memory serves me correctly, this came from Mr Eclectic's family.  I know we've had it around for a number of years no matter what.  One thing I've never loved was the color, but it's last home was in a room with some yellow in the wallpaper so it more or less matched.

Here it is

It's got great details

I noticed while I was painting it that someone, well before we got it, used scotch tape to fix a cracked leg.  It never came apart during the at least 15 years in our possession, so I painted over it!  Here's the final result

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