Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Some of the upcoming ideas for the bedroom

Hopefully they all work out well!

We will be painting the floor, it is just easier than refinishing.  If we want to later, we can always sand it back down and refinish.

The color will be something like this

We are also putting in horizontal paneling, painted white.  Originally this was going to be "real" wood (pine planks), but due to cost and finding a wicked deal, we're going with plywood.  This is part of that hopefully it works out thing I mentioned!  We picked up a bunch of construction cut offs locally.  They are 4' long and range in size from 8 5/8" to nearly 10" wide.  That will take some creativity to work with, but we think we've got it figured out.  We got 111 pieces for $37.  So far we're looking at about $80 in paint, because we originally bought Value's Weatherall paint and primer in one for about $30 for a gallon and it was terribly dissapointing.  Next we bought contractor grade white from Home depot for $50 for 5 gallons.  We had some rain, so we've only got one coat of that on, so far it's equal to or slightly better than the Value stuff.  BAD VALUE!  I'm going to write them an email :(.  It messed up my budget for this big time!

Anyway, this is a photo showing someone else's plywood panleing project-hopefully ours works out as nice!

Next, we're building two "closets" out of some planks and crown molding, then adding some old bifold doors for clothes storage (since we have no closet).  Rather like this

Additionally, we'll be building our bed and adding enough room below for some underbed storage, either crates or wicker baskets:

We're also picking up this ceiling fan, hoping it works for our little room (it's a 52")-but who could resist the name, Lake Cottage?!

All of the above photos came from my Ideas For the Eclectic Beach Cottage board on Pinterest, which can be found here

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