Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Misc. Stuff from the Bedroom remodel

#1.  SOOO annoyed with Lowes!!  We ordered the Lake Cottage fan I posted online and went to pick it up.  Had to wait in the will call line long enough that it was a grab and run or be late to work (picked up on lunch break) thing.  Didn't notice the box didn't show the crackled blades, but rather "distressed" blades.  Noticed it later but figured they were reversible as someone had noted in a review so didn't worry about it.  We pulled the wiring and decided to put it up so we could turn the electric on in the bedroom.  Opened the box to find...it's NOT what's show in the photo!  The blades are "distressed"...but in such an ugly and fake way the fan had to go back.  They have "holes" stamped into them, in the exact same spot in each blade.  So much for randomly distressed, lol.  We bought another Northshore fan like we have in the living room.


I might end up painting it, since the bedroom is going to be mostly painted.

#2 we decided plain white paneling just isn't us.  So we're experimenting with crackle.  Pics to follow, so far we're trying elmers white and wood glue, wallpaper paste and sherwin williams crackle glaze.  It will be a green base with white over top.

The only photo I could find online for inspiration

this is also along that line, but it's more antiqued/distressed than crackled

#3 We are a few boards short for the planks!!  We're hoping to get the remaining ones from the same source, otherwise we will improvise.

#4 We can't find the bifold doors, we are going to bring out our stockpile of vintage shutters and see if we can make those work for our "closet"

kind of like this

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