Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rehanging the bedroom door...turned into this

We decided that it was time to rehang the door for the bedroom.  It never close properly, probably because whomever built the wall was opposed to using a level.

Well, the carpet was in the way.  So we cut out a little strip.  Which became a larger square.

And then suddenly, all of the carpet was out!

Then we needed to deal with the ugly paneling.  It was faux...and grey.

Behind it we found green paneling and mold where there was water damage.

Of course, that all had to go too.

Stylin linoleum in the wall

As of right now, this is what we have.  We treated all of the water damaged wood with vinegar, to kill any mold that might be there.  In the next day or so the bottom parts of the studs and the bottom plate will be painted to seal them.

We also found this in the wall, it's an old switch.  Don't know why.

When they laid the carpet, the used a pad of course.  Unfortunately, part of installing it involved stapling it down.  I hate pulling those staples.  I've come up with a method, having done this before at our old house.

First, use a flat head screw drive to pry one end up a bit, just be sure not to push too hard on the wood when prying.

Then use pliers or anything with a good grip to pull it out

Here's a quick video, it's a little shaky since I was holding the camera and doing it at the same time.

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