Sunday, August 26, 2012

A few random things

I did some more power washing today.  I had to stop part of the way though for about half an hour when an unexpected visitor decided the wet grass where the overspray was hitting was a good place to stop for a drink.

I am now about half way through the stack.  Then we will brush a vinegar and water mixture onto the boards (all sides) to help kill any "ookies" (like mold spores) that might have survived the power washing.

I also took a better look at my three for $1 chairs.  Here's the two that matched:

Unfortunately, I found both were broken in a way.  Here's the problems on each chair:

So I did what any cottager would do!  I took them apart (four screws on the front and two on the back):

And took the seat off of the one and put it on the legs/back with the broken rungs.  Voila, garden chair

This one is all fixed up now.  It may or may not replace one of the dining room chairs.  We'll see.  I'll do a before and after this time!

I also thought I'd share one of the little nooks we have here, this is the "fishing corner".  The old wood net needs serious repair, we just haven't gotten to it yet.  At least I'd like to use a little wood glue and stick the handle back together!

This is in the living room, next to the curb find cabinet.  We just picked this sign up about a week ago at a moving sale.  It's just paper laminated onto pressboard that was left outside apparently.  Nothing vintage or antique-but it sure looks like it!  I used some Mod Podge to seal the edges to keep the paper from peeling more.

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