Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vintage Boat Oar Curtain "Rods"

We had no idea what we were going to do with a pair of chippy blue vintage boat oars when we bought them, but they just seemed like they belonged at the Cottage.  We bought them as part of a lot of various odds and ends including boat bumpers, a life ring, vintage plastic Christmas ornaments and a table.  We sold the table for about as much as the whole lot cost so we basically got them for free.

Eventually we decided they would make neat curtain rods.  Too bad they were too short for the place we wanted to use them!  The ingenious mind of Mr Eclectic went to work, and they are now hung in front of the actual curtain rods!

Here's what one looks like, please excuse the lack of trim, we are still in the process of locating the last of the paneling we need to complete the room:

An up close look at the oar itself.  You can see the great color and how worn it looks.  We THINK these came from a rowboat named the "SS Turtle".  The life ring we got from the same sale has that name on it, and the nephew and niece of the man who owned them confirmed there was a rowboat by that name formerly in the pond on the property.

This was taken from below looking up-you can see the gap between the actual curtain rod (just a cheap "brass" colored extendable one from the local hardware store) and the oar.

And this is the secret way the oars are hung!  We have two of these bracket set ups, one near each end.  The rod fits between them so the curtain slides back and forth without catching.

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