Saturday, August 25, 2012

Uh oh, the Kitchenaid has competition!

Well, not exactly, but I might just have to keep this one too.  We went to a garage sale down the street from us to see if they had any "cottagey" or nautical goodies for sale.  They didn't.  I picked up three more dining room chairs, although I am not sure why since we have all four.  But hey, it was $1-for all three.  I might look at replacing one of the ones we have at least.  Who knows.

Anyway, this was sitting there and I just couldn't leave it behind.  I think I have a new addiction!

It's a Sunbeam Mixmaster 7B.

Look at this deco styling!!  OMG.

AND, AND...they make a milkshake attachment!!  AND a blender attachment.  Kitchenaid doesn't have THOSE...

Of course, about a week ago, THIS followed us home

It's a 3B Kitchenaid.  A friend of ours is buying it from us though, she wants something that can handle a pasta attachment.  Something the Sunbeam apparently cannot-or I'd keep the 3B as backup for the 4C and sell her the Sunbeam.  We bought the 3B because it had a meat grinder attachment with it, something we wanted anyway.

This isn't the best lighting, but we wanted to try it out.  We need to rewire the kitchen so we have an overhead light!!  The 4C running the grinder:

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