Sunday, August 12, 2012

Painting the Ugly Thing in the Kitchen

This "ugly thing" was here when we bought the Cottage.  I nearly put it to the curb the day we closed.  It's press board covered in faux wood grain laminate (like cabinet liner, not "nice" laminate).  But we were busy and it did serve a purpose.  So it stayed.  And stayed.  And despite plans to replace it with ANYTHING made of solid wood, it was still here.  So I tried playing with some crates and other options but nothing really looked very good.  So, I decided to paint it.  It worked for my dining room chairs (sorry, no before pics of those).

Here is the ugly before

And the painted after

So much better.  All it took as a little paint.  This THING has been hanging in the kitchen too long unpainted.  Since the kitchen cabinets are all wood, the fakeness of it was really icky.

Next up, we bought some barn wood for the flooring in the bedroom!!  YAY!

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