Monday, August 13, 2012's the new bedroom flooring!

We've only de-nailed it.  It will go through the same process as the garage sheathing, but for now it's chilling out in our storage shed.  

Power wash
Brush on a vinegar/water mix
Brush on a Boiled Linseed Oil/Turpintine mix
Brush on polyurethane
Cut to lengths
Nail down with hand cut nails

We still have to rip out the old bedroom carpet and see what we have to work with, we'll do that after the new flooring is prepped and ready.

This is old barn flooring, we believe it's Heart Pine.  There's about 100 or so sq ft here and we paid $80 for it, nails and all.

We'll be cutting this end off-but how's this for authentic?  Mouse gnawing and all.

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